ASU's School of Public Affairs is one of the top rated programs in the nation

Highly Ranked Graduate Programs

Source: US News & World Report  



#10 Public Affairs school in the nation

#2 IT Management

#1 Emergency Management and Homeland Security

#3 Local Government Management

#7 Urban Policy

#5 Public Management and Leadership

#4 Nonprofit Management

#11 Environmental Policy and Management

#12 Public Finance and Budgeting

#20 Public Policy Analysis

#22 Social Policy



Each year, U.S. News and World Report releases new rankings for graduate schools across the country. ASU's School of Public Affairs was ranked #12 in the rankings released in March of 2023.

In addition to the school's overall rankings, the School of Public Affairs is ranked in ten additional categories.

#2 IT management

Meet professor Karen Mossberger, whose research focuses on local governance, urban policy, digital inequality, and e-government.

#1 homeland/national security and emergency management

Brian Gerber, associate professor, focuses on disaster policy and management, homeland security policy and administration, and environmental regulatory policy.

#3 local government management

Meet David Swindell, who is the director of the Center for Urban Innovation at Arizona State University.

#7 urban policy

Associate professor David Swindell focuses on urban economic development, community development, performance management, citizen satisfaction, governance, and more at ASU's School of Public Affairs.

#5 public management and leadership

Associate professor Mary Feeney's research at the School of Public Affairs includes public management, science and technology policy, nonprofit management, and women in science.

#11 environmental policy

Meet Lily Hsueh, an assistant professor with a research background in natural resource and environmental economics and policy, political economy, governance, and more.

#12 public finance and budget

Akheil Singla, assistant professor, focuses on public financial management, state and local government finance, municipal debt and bankruptcy.