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Marvin Andrews Fellows travel to conferences around the country. Read about the impact from 2017 Marvin, Dorian Sánchez.

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The Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Management
The Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Management, which leads to a master's degree in public administration or public policy, is designed to identify the country’s most talented students aspiring to executive levels in local government.

Marvin Andrews Fellows (Marvins) receive the knowledge, training, and necessary experience to become future city/county managers in local government.

  • In their first year, Marvins enjoy the prestige associated with working part time (20-hours a week) as a paid management intern for ASU’s Center for Urban Innovation. In this role, they have the opportunity to conduct research assistance for the Alliance for Innovation, the premier networking association for cities and counties committed to innovation and transforming local government.
  • In their second year, Marvins receive a paid 20-hour per week internship with one of the many progressive and fast-growing cities in the Phoenix metropolitan area.
  • Each student also receives a tuition waiver (in-state or out-of-state) for four fall/spring semesters (two years), an annual stipend totaling approximately $15,000 paid bi-weekly in accordance with your employment with the fellowship, health insurance, and financial support to assist with travel to annual conferences.

How to apply

Applicants to the Marvin Andrews Fellowship program are accepted once a year for admission to begin each Fall. Admission is fairly competitive. For example, for the 2019 cohort, 19 applications were received and four fellows were chosen. We are currently accepting applications for the 2023-2025 cohort! Applications are due by midnight on Friday, March 3rd 2023.


  1. You must graduate with your Bachelor's degree (complete all required courses) by the Spring semester preceding the fall semester start of the fellowship.
  2. You must be a newly admitted student into the MPA or MPP program to be considered for the Andrews Fellowship.
  3. International students are not eligible to apply.

All applicants must first be admitted to the MPA or MPP program and then submit three documents to apply:

  1. Marvin Andrews Fellowship Application Fall 2023.
  2. A one page professional resume.
  3. Two additional letters of recommendation (two were required for the MPA/MPP application). The additional letters should be from either an academic or professional reference that addresses the applicant's qualifying characteristics and applicant commitment to becoming a local government management professional.

Email all three of these documents to Professor Cynthia Seelhammer, Marvin Andrews Fellowship Coordinator, at once the application opens. Questions? Email Professor Seelhammer.

NEW! Starting for the 2023-2025 Cohort: The Jane Morris Fellow

One incoming Marvin will be selected as a Jane Morris Fellow. Jane Morris was a well-respected local government professional who died suddenly five years ago. The Fellowship, the School of Public Affairs, and the ASU Foundation were given a generous gift by the Morris family to honor Jane and to support young professionals entering the field of local government management. The Jane Morris Fellow will be chosen and operated in conjunction with the Marvin Andrews Fellows. The selection is open to male and female applicants, but a female candidate is preferred.

There is no separate application. Please follow the same process as the Marvin Andrews Fellowship to apply. If selected, you will be notified when you learn about your Marvin Andrews application status and you will be known as both a Marvin Andrews and Jane Morris Fellow.

About Jane Morris

Jane Morris

 Jane L. Morris was an accomplished and influential public servant.   Raised in Glencoe, IL, Jane attended the University of Iowa and received   her Master's Degree in Public Administration from Arizona State   University. Jane was a retired public servant with a long career spanning   more than three decades that started in Skokie, IL, encompassed a   variety of positions during her 25+ year with the City of Phoenix and   concluded as the Executive Director/CEO of Phoenix-Mesa Gateway   Airport