Recent dissertations and job placements

Recent dissertations


Dissertation title


Federica Fusi

You Can’t Always Get What You Want: Data Access in US Small and Medium Sized Cities

Dr. Feeney

Gabel Taggart

Three Essays on Bureaucracy at American Research Universities

Dr. Welch

Hyunjung Ji

Assessing local governments’ sustainability strategies

Dr. Darnall

Muhammed Nisar

Managing the Margins: Intersections of the State and the Khawaja Sira in Lahore, Pakistan

Dr. Catlaw

Casey Boyd-Swan 

Nonparental child care during nonstandard hours: Who uses it and how does it influence child well-being

Dr. Herbst

Youngjae Kim

The role of science in nanotechnology decision-making: Toward evidence-based policy making

Dr. Corley

Recent job placements



Federica Fusi 

University of Illinois at Chicago, Department of Public Administration

Gabel Taggart 

University of Wyoming, Political Science

Won No

Shanghai University of Finance & Economics, School of Public Economics & Administration

Casey Boyd-Swan 

Kent State University, Department of Political Science

Hyunjung Ji

University of Alabama, Political Science

Muhammed Nisar

Lahore University of Management, Business

Chul Hyun Park

University of Arkansas, Clinton School of Public Service

Robbie Robichau

Texas A&M, Bush School of Government & Public Service

Meghna Sabharwal

University of Texas at Dallas, School of Economic, Political & Policy Sciences

Chin-Chang Tsai

National Sun Yat-sen University

Joe West

University of North Carolina, Public Administration & Public Policy