Meet the Marvin Andrews Fellows

Spring 2017 Outstanding Graduates

Outstanding Graduate 2017 - Dorian N. Sanchez Ruiz

If there’s a checklist for a career in public service, Blaise Caudill has all the boxes marked with three asterisks next to his name. Read more

Class of 2018-2019

 Stella Carr

  Alumnus of: Northern Arizona University
  Degree: B.S. Sustainability
  MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2020

  Joining the Marvin Andrews Fellowship was an easy choice for me. I am            passionate about finding creative solutions to the problems our communities are facing today, and will be facing in the future. Through the partnerships with the Alliance for Innovation and internships with local governments. I will have the chance to put my coursework directly into action. During my two years, I will combine my sustainability background with cutting edge best practices of city management while continuing to gain experience in the field. This fellowship will enable me to enter the workforce upon completion of my Masters in Public Administration, ready to make change in the world. It is an honor to be selected for this prestigious program, which gives fellows access to unprecedented opportunities for professional development during their educational journey. I look forward to this next chapter and continuing to learn from the dynamic environment and engaged citizens in the state of Arizona.

 Mikayla Cutlip

  Alumnus of: Northern Arizona University
  Degree: B.A. Interior Design
  MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2020

 Over the past four years, I have worked professionally in the overlap of design,       construction, and nonprofit development in Phoenix, Arizona, and Detroit, Michigan. Now that I look to apply my experience toward the public sector, I am excited to learn best practices for leading in local government. The Marvin Andrews Fellowship offers a direct pathway to city management, an area that appeals to me because it is the ultimate action-oriented position between the political and administrative spheres of local government. It allows me the opportunity to study Public Administration and Urban Management at one of the best programs in the country, network with and be mentored by local government professionals, gain valuable work experience, and learn alongside fellows with diversity of background--all which enrich our experience as students and emerging public service professionals. I look forward to studying and serving in my hometown region, and practicing civic innovation within my community. 

 Thomas Prior

  Alumnus of: Arizona State University
  Degree: B.S. Public Service & Public Policy
  MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2020

 The Marvin Andrews Fellowship at Arizona State University offers students the   opportunity to cultivate their skills, interests, and networks beyond the classroom.   I look forward to advancing my research-based skills while working with the Alliance for Innovation and I hope to gain hands-on local government experience interning for one of the partnering municipalities. The fellowship also provides endless opportunities to connect and learn from dedicated public servants not only from around Phoenix but throughout Arizona and across the country. I am confident that over the next two years, the Marvin Andrews Fellowship will prepare me for the benefits and challenges of a rewarding career in city management.

 Karl Shaddock

  Alumnus of: University of Notre Dame
  Degree: B.S. Political Science
  MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2020

 I've been in the philanthropic field for eight years, working at two of the most   respected rural community foundations in the country. My work in community development philanthropy built the confidence, competence, and capacity of individuals to find local solutions to local challenges.
Serving as a Marvin Andrews Fellow will empower me to take these skills to a career in city management. City managers in the 21st Century will need to implement innovative practices that build resilience and call upon the whole of a community to give of their generosity and imagination. The networking opportunities, hands-on learning experiences, and informed dialogues offered by the Fellowship ensures I will be well positioned to lead in this new territory. As a Fellow, I will live up to Marvin Andrews’s legacy of effective professional management, foresight, and dedication to improving the quality of life for all community members.

Class of 2017-2018

Rachel Hudgens 

Alumnus of: Arizona State University
Degree: B.A. Sustainability
MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2019

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship offers exceptional experiences and training to enhance a student’s education while pursuing a Master’s of Public Administration at Arizona State University. The fellows are offered unparalleled opportunities working with the Alliance for Innovation, interning for cities, and mentoring on top of earning an MPA from a highly ranked graduate program. The Marvin Andrews Fellowship will allow me to gain valuable hands on experience that will allow me to hit the ground running when I start my career. The Fellowship will give me the opportunity to learn how to couple sustainable best practices and city management. I am grateful to be a Marvin Andrews Fellow and I look forward to the next two years.   

Alison Matthees

Alumnus of: College of St. Benedict
Degree: B.A. Economics
MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2019

During my five years working in Internal Audit, I identified, anticipated, and solved business problems for my corporate clients.  I am eager to complete my Masters in Public Administration so I can identify, anticipate, and solve the problems facing citizens in my community.  Over the next two years, the Marvin Andrews Fellowship will allow me to immediately apply the techniques and theory learned in class to real-world work with the Alliance for Innovation and cities in the Phoenix Metro area.  The Fellowship not only provides a formal mentor for the duration of the program, but also provides a nation-wide network of enthusiastic mentors and peers that will span my career.  Fellowship-sponsored attendance at local, state, and national conferences will allow me to build relationships with professionals and learn about cutting-edge improvements within the field to supplement what I’ll be learning in the classroom.  The Marvin Andrews Fellowship enhances the benefit of the ASU MPA program and provides an unrivaled foundation for building a career in public administration.

Taylor Reimann

Alumnus of: Arizona State University
Degree: B.A. Sustainability
MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2019

I chose the Marvin Andrews Fellowship because of its commitment to educating and empowering people interested in pursuing leadership in local government. The abundant resources and hands-on learning opportunities gives Marvins the chance to participate in an advanced education designed to challenge current organizational approaches, and cultivate new innovative thought for the management of our diverse systems. In an effort to steward cooperative prosperity among people and our planet, I believe that local governments are a key intervention point for fostering meaningful dialogue and inspiring effective change in our communities. As a fifth generation Arizonan, I look forward to examining local challenges and creating people specific solutions to issues we face in our social and environmental systems. I am eager for the enriching experience of being a Marvin Andrews Fellow, and believe it will provide a balanced and informed guiding framework as I work towards being a change-maker in my community. 

Aaron Robinson

Alumnus of: Western Michigan University
Degrees: B.A. Criminal Justice/Political Science
MPA Expected Graduation Year: 2019

I chose to be a part of the Marvin Andrews Fellowship because it's one of the most prestigious opportunities to learn and grow as a young professional in developing skills towards a trajectory of success becoming a city manager. The Marvin Andrews Fellowship offers tons of work experience and learning engagements within the local city government that will help fulfill a lifetime of opportunities. I'm looking forward to working on problems and creating solutions within the Phoenix community.