Meet the Marvin Andrews Fellows

Spring 2017 Outstanding Graduates

Outstanding Graduate 2017 - Dorian N. Sanchez Ruiz

If there’s a checklist for a career in public service, Blaise Caudill has all the boxes marked with three asterisks next to his name. Read more

Class of 2023

photo of Chloe Brown

Chloe Baldwin

Alumnus: University of Arkansas
Degree: BSW Bachelor of Social Work
MPA Class of 2023

I have always been passionate about building strong communities and serving my neighbors and friends. This passion led me to complete my Bachelor's in social work and immediately start working for a non-profit agency. While I enjoyed non-profit work, it made me realize the immensely positive impact local government can have on a community. This opportunity to be a Marvin Andrews Fellow is an honor and I am overjoyed to explore the world of local government management through the research we will be conducting, and by learning from experienced leaders in the field. I look forward to a meaningful career in public service managing effective programs that create more equitable communities, and I am confident this fellowship will prepare me to do so.

photo of Latisha Gilmore

LaTisha Gilmore

Alumnus: Northern Arizona University
Degree: BS Criminology and Criminal Justice
MPA Class of 2023

As a member of the Navajo Nation, I’ve always felt compelled to work with my tribal community and help strengthen its community services, programs, and infrastructure while also incorporating cultural values. I have seen firsthand what resources, tools, and support can do to enable a person to advance action and justice in their community. Seeing the positive change that one person can do has inspired me to further my education and experience in the public service sector. As one of the best Master of Public Administration (MPA) programs in the country, I believe that ASU will provide me with the tools and resources needed to grow as a leader. I chose to be a part of the Marvin Andrews Fellowship because it allows me to research and apply best practice solutions to the real world. Serving as a Marvin will allow me to connect with like-minded individuals and professionals across the state and country. I am excited to learn more about city and local government management, and most importantly, I look forward to creating positive change and solutions for the future.

photo of Madalaine McConville

Madalaine McConville

Alumnus: University of Wisconsin-Stout
Degree: BS Applied Social Science, History, and Political Science
MPP Class of 2023

I come from a small rural town in Wisconsin, where I graduated high school with only 31 other classmates. After graduating from the University of Wisconsin-Stout with a degree in Applied Social Science, I took a year off from school and worked at a local law firm as a paralegal. Through my undergraduate career and working in the legal profession, I learned that I wanted to be a part of impactful and effective change for people and communities. Having the opportunity to experience and research innovative ways to help people was one of the many reasons why I was interested in becoming a Marvin Andrews Fellow. Additionally, coming from a small town, I learned the impact local governments can have when run effectively. I am thrilled to use my passion for helping people in the Marvin’s Fellowship and in practice training to become a local government professional. I am beyond thankful and humbled to join a legacy of public servants working to make their communities better places for everyone.

photo of Brock Schroeder

Brock Schroeder

Alumnus: Northern Arizona University
Degrees: BA Anthropology and BS Political Science
MPA Class of 2023

I am an ambitious and dynamic young professional from Apache Junction, Arizona. My enthusiasm to serve as a Marvin Andrews Fellow is unbridled. Local government piqued my interest because it allows me to create tangible change and work with all parties to generate solutions. Becoming a “Marvin” was step one towards that goal, as this fellowship will educate me and grant me access to a collective network. A collaboration that can help me to put my idealism to use. As the fellowship guarantees a hands-on experience like no other. This experience is one that I am proud to be a part of, as I am joined by so many good-hearted people. I am honored and humbled to accept the fellowship, which will provide to me the knowledge and connections necessary to make an impact in the communities I reside in, as well as neighboring communities.

Class of 2022

Stephanie Zamora

Alumnus: University of Arizona
Degree: BA Anthropology and Linguistics
MPA Class of 2022

My name is Stephanie Zamora and I’m from the West Valley. I graduated with a BA in Anthropology and Linguistics from the University of Arizona and have dedicated the beginning of my career to work in the nonprofit sector. I am excited to be part of this program as I shift and transition my career into the governmental sector. It is so great to connect with you all here and can’t wait to meet my fellow Marvins this summer! I am beyond elated for this opportunity and the connections it will foster with you all as well as professionals in our community. 

Benjamin Williams

Alumnus: Arizona State University
Degree: BA English
MPA Class of 2022

I’ve worked within the private sector, served in the military, and volunteered in many organizations throughout my life, and I have seen the absolute power that arises from being unified and working toward a shared vision. I’ve worked with high-caliber leaders who care for their teams, and are invested in causes far greater than themselves, and have watched organizations thrive under their leadership. The right leaders make all the difference. The Marvin Andrews fellowship has built a network of those leaders, and I have witnessed its total unity toward the vision of building intelligent, dynamic, experienced city managers who will shape the future of our cities and towns. The collective experience, heart, and investment in community within this network makes the Marvin Andrews Fellowship a powerful agent of change, and I’m honored and humbled to have been invited into this incredible and diverse group of individuals. As a Marvin Andrews fellow, I am gaining the tools needed to help me become a force for good and leave a lasting impact as a public servant.

Samantha Corrales

Alumnus: Arizona State University
Degree: BS Public Management
MPA Class of 2022

My passion for public service stems from the opportunity to make a direct impact in my community and the Marvin Andrews Fellowship prepares me to do just that. The fellowship cultivates the next generation of leaders in public service through professional development and it’s nationally recognized legacy. The opportunity to research best management practices from across the country and to implement my findings as I set forth into my career will be an instrumental component to my professional growth. In addition to this, the fellowship allows students to learn from current leaders while experiencing collaborative conferences that lead to building an expansive network within the field. Through this enriching opportunity, I am excited to learn more about city management and to use the tools that this fellowship offers in order to make a positive difference in the community that I serve. 

Gregory Whitney

Alumnus : University of Arizona
Degree: BS Public Management
MPA Class of 2022

Over the last four years I have been able to focus my educational and career paths towards serving local communities throughout Southern Arizona. I believe that one of the most impactful ways I can help foster growth and improvement in my communities is by working through local government. Receiving the Marvin Andrews Fellowship will allow me to be better prepared to serve the communities I work in, helping me to implement changes with lasting positive impacts. Through this fellowship, I will be able to be immersed in the research and planning that goes into management and implementation at the local level. Being able to connect and learn from numerous professionals working in local government management is a tremendous resource that will allow me to further develop my interpersonal and critical thinking skills. Combined with my studies from Arizona State University’s MPA program, these skills will help me develop into an effective local government professional. I am both grateful and excited that I have been afforded this opportunity to better serve the communities I work and live in.