Minors & certificates

Students may pursue certificate programs along with a major, minor, other certificate program, or independently as a non-degree seeking student. 

For a full list of available minors and certificates offered by the Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions, please visit the Watts College of Public Service minors & certificates page.

Undergraduate minors

Public Service and Public Policy

The minor in Public Service & Public Policy prepares students for work in government at all levels and nonprofit organizations through comprehensive coverage of topics in public policy, public leadership and management and urban studies.  Students discover the challenges of managementand learn how to lead a public organization and understand the process of policy development.

The minor allows students enrolled in other undergraduate programs at ASU to broaden their educational experiences. The minor has an applied and professional focus which can enhance many other majors and will make students more competitive in securing public sector jobs.

Urban and Metropolitan Studies

The minor in Urban & Metropolitan Studies offers students interested in the urban environment the opportunity to explore the wide variety of issues that influence the quality of life in urban communities. Students are encouraged to learn about cities as historical, social, cultural, economic, and political phenomena in order to gain a strong understanding of the complex relationships that contribute to the problems and opportunities of urban living. As the population in the state’s urban areas continues to grow, so will the demand for leaders who are skilled in new and innovative ways with which to address the challenges such growth generates.

The minor allows students enrolled in other undergraduate programs at ASU to broaden their educational experiences. Students majoring in planning, geography, sustainability, business, political science, architecture, nonprofit management and leadership, journalism, communication, and other fields may wish to supplement their studies with the Minor in Urban & Metropolitan Studies. 

Undergraduate certificates

Creative City

The Creative City Certificate prepares students to engage effectively in revitalizing cities and communities by tapping their inherent potential for cultural innovation, placemaking, and social/economic entrepreneurship.  Exploring best practices globally, students develop asset-based proposals for specific locales including implementation plans. 

The Creative City Certificate adds value to other majors as well as work/life experience for students aspiring to assume leadership roles in improving quality of life, specifically by enhancing quality of place.

Cities are centers of human creativity and cultural innovation.  They both attract and breed these.  Such creativity and innovation are apparent in the vitality of the arts, as well as that of businesses (both large and small), research (basic and applied), and the everyday life unique to any given locale.  These are the ingredients that make our places sustainable—economically, socially, and environmentally--by endowing a “sense of place” along with a “sense of community.”

The five-course sequence comprising the certificate will enable students to build upon their own strengths in order to help cities and communities creatively build upon their capacities.  

Leadership and Ethics

The certificate and concentration program in leadership and ethics is designed for students interested in developing leadership skills while learning about  leadership, ethics, and their importance to organizations. 

The program prepares students for positions of leadership and responsibility in the university, in their communities, and throughout their careers in business, government, and society.  
Students explore the relationship between leadership and the capacity for individuals to assume responsibility for their actions. It provides an understanding of change and how it affects society, so that students can better cope and direct change in a positive and beneficial way. 

The certificate in Leadership & Ethics is designed for undergraduate students who are interested in developing leadership skills or wish to enhance their degree in an existing major at ASU; working adults who may wish to further their education yet may not be looking for a degree program; or BIS students who seek to combine certificates with their degree. Students in the BIS program can choose the Leadership & Ethics concentration as one of their fields of study.

Public Administration and Public Management

Public Administration and Public Management prepares students for citizenship, leadership, and careers in governmental and non-profit agencies. Students will learn the context and principles of public administration and how to apply these in a practitioner setting; the role of the public administrator in the design, implementation, and evaluation of public policy; and how to lead change and address ethical issues in public service.