Urban and Metropolitan Studies, BA/BS

Located in the heart of downtown Phoenix, the urban and metropolitan studies program is for students who have a yearning to study and understand urban theory in order to effectively address the challenges of rapid growth, along with other contemporary urban issues.

The urban and metropolitan studies program prepares students for work in a wide range of fields.  The interdisciplinary approach of the program allows graduates to successfully enter fields as diverse as urban management, revitalization, community development, urban sustainability and urban planning. Our students discover what makes the city tick – and the city is their classroom. They examine challenges and solutions by researching history, society, culture, economy, and politics in order to understand urban theory. They use that knowledge to get involved in their communities, giving them an outlet through which they can experience practical ways of solving complex problems faced by metropolitan regions. Our students are invested in their neighborhoods. Many of them live and work downtown. In the urban and metropolitan studies program, they learn how to improve urban health and well-being, often training themselves to be the future leaders of our urban environments. Our students don’t stop there. Others focus on making a wide variety of other contributions to society; studying the role of arts and culture, business and property development, revitalization and community building in the life of the region.

Program details

The coursework for the urban and metropolitan studies major (B.A./B.S.) program requires a minimum of 54 hours, including introductory courses (6 hours), core courses (18 hours), and other required courses (30 hours). Students are required to achieve a grade of “C” or better in all program introductory and core classes. Students are also encouraged to complete an internship. Internships are offered with a variety of government, nonprofit, and business organizations with an urban focus. Each student will complete a capstone course in which you be required to complete a significant project with demonstrated individual and team aspects. The capstone course will usually be completed in the last year at ASU.

Students are able to choose from a variety of related urban topics classes offered by the School of Public Affairs and other ASU departments. 

Students in the B.A. program will be required to complete a Foreign Language Proficiency. Students in the B.S. program will be required to complete a upper-division course in Statistics (PAF 401, REC 482, or SWU 321). These will be used towards the 30-hour other required courses requirement.

All undergraduate students must complete a minimum of 35 semester hours of approved general studies courses. 

More information is available in the Undergraduate Student Guide.