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MPA & Social Work

All students admitted to the concurrent degree MPA/MSW program are required to complete the following MPA courses:

  • PAF 501 Public Research I
  • PAF 502 Public Research II
  • PAF 503 Public Affairs
  • PAF 504 Public Affairs Economics
  • PAF 505 Public Policy Analysis
  • PAF 506 Public Budgeting and Finance
  • PAF 507 Public Human Resource Management
  • PAF 508 Organization Behavior
  • PAF 509 Public Affairs Capstone
  • PAF 541 Program Evaluation (MSW Advanced Direct Practice Concentration only)

The required social work courses vary depending on the concentration and specialization that is selected. Contact the School of Social Work for more information regarding the required social work courses.



All applicants for the concurrent degree MPA/MSW program must follow the procedures for admission to the Graduate College. Applicants are required to submit an on-line application to the Graduate College, application fee, official GRE scores and official transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate course work. Applicants to the concurrent degree MPA/MSW are accepted year-round.

The following entry level competencies with a grade of “B” or higher are required for admission to the MPA program: an undergraduate social statistics course (such as PAF 401 Statistics or SWU 321) taken within two years of admission and an undergraduate American National Government course (such as POS 310 or PAF 300). Additionally the MSW Program requires completion of a course in human biology. If these three courses are not completed at the time of admission, applicants may be admitted with the provision that these courses will be completed by the end of the first semester in the MPA/MSW program.

In addition, all applicants must submit the following materials to the School of Public Affairs and the School of Social Work.

School of Public Affairs

School of Social Work

  • A statement of educational and career goals

  • Three letters of reference. Two of which should be academic. The letters of reference used for the MSW program may also be used for the MPA program

  • School of Social Work MSW application form;

  • A statement of educational and career goals;

  • A professional resume that includes volunteer and paid work experience;

  • Three letters of reference

A combination of academic and professional references is desirable. References from friends, family members, or personal therapists are not accepted.

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