Distinguished faculty

We are meeting new demands on public leadership in the context of changing models of governance, with faculty and students who are redefining ideas about public management and policy, in the classroom and in public institutions.


Listed as one of the best MPA programs by US News & World Reportthe School of Public Affairs at ASU is ranked 9th overall in the country

The School of Public Affairs is also ranked:

#2 local government management

#4 information and technology management

#5 urban policy

#7 public management and leadership

#8 environmental policy and management

#9 nonprofit management

#10 public finance and budgeting

#12 public policy and analysis 

The above U.S. News and World Report rankings are for the ASU School of Public Affairs. The entire ASU campus is ranked:

#1 university for innovation


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Recent winners of national and international awards for research excellence:

  • Barry Bozeman
  • Stu Bretschneider
  • Kevin Desouza
  • Mary Feeney
  • Ethan Kapstein
  • Jonathan Koppell
  • Gerald Miller
  • Karen Mossberger
  • Justin Stritch
  • David Swindell

National Academy of Public Administration Fellows

  • Barry Bozeman
  • Stuart Bretschneider
  • Michael Crow
  • Jonathan Koppell
  • Karen Mossberger
  • Thom Reilly


The tenured and tenure-track faculty of the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University are leading scholars in public administration and public policy, engaged in research on new forms of governance, crossing sectors and disciplinary boundaries. Our faculty include five fellows of the National Academy of Public Administration. They have won 11 national and international awards since 2011, from organizations such as the Public Management Research Association, Network of Schools of Public Policy, Affairs and Administration, Academy of Management, American Political Science Association, Public Administration Review, Association of Budgeting and Financial Management, and more. We have a productive faculty, ranked 12th globally for public administration research (Van De Walle and Van Delft 2015), with 70 journal articles in 2014.

Derrick Anderson, assistant professor

  • 2017 College Emerging Community Solutions Scholar, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions
  • Co-PI, Institutional and Behavioral Determinants of Public Value Outcomes, National Science Foundation
  • Advisor to the President

Barry Bozeman, Arizona Centennial Professor of Technology Policy and Public Management and director, Center for Organization Research and Design

  • Regents' Professor and Arizona Centennial Professor of Technology Policy and Public Management
  • Director, Center for Organization Research and Design
  • Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration
  • Fellow, American Academy for the Advancement of Science
  • NASPAA/ASPA Distinguished Researcher Award, 2014
  • George Frederickson Award, Public Management Research Association, 2013
  • Herbert A. Simon Book Award, Public Administration Section, American Political Science Association, 2013
  • B. Bozeman and J. Youtie, Strength in Numbers: The New Science of Team Science (Princeton University Press, 2017, co-authored with Jan Youtie).
  • Principal Investigator, NSF-funded projects

Stuart Bretschneider, Foundation Professor of Organization Design and Public Administration

  • Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration
  • 2016 Emerald Citations of Excellence for the paper, "A Three-Stage Adoption Process for Social Media Use in Government," Public Administration Review 2013
  • First annual William Duncombe Excellence in Doctoral Education Award, NASPAA, 2014

Michael Crow, professor and Arizona State University President

  • Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration
  • Crow, Michael M. and William B. Dabars. 2015. Designing the New American University. Johns Hopkins University Press.
  • AAAS Fellow
  • Foundation Leadership Chair

Elizabeth Corley, professor

  • Campbell, Heather E. and Corley, Elizabeth A. (2012). Urban Environmental Policy Analysis. New York, NY: Routledge.
  • Advisory Editor, Research Policy
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Technology Transfer
  • Editorial Board Member, Evaluation & Program Planning

Nicole Darnall, professor

  • Abe Fellow, Social Science Research Council
  • Erasmus Mundus International Scholar, European Commission
  • Best Paper Finalist, Academy of Management, Public and Nonprofit Management Division, 2018
  • Best Journal Article, Academy of Management, Public and Nonprofit Management Division, 2016

Kevin De Souza, Foundation Professor and associate dean for research

  • Herbert A. Simon Best Paper Award, Design Science Research in Information Systems and Technologies Conference, 2014
  • Nonresident Senior Fellow, Center for Technology Innovation, Brookings Institution

Mary K. Feeney, associate professor, Lincoln Professor of Ethics in Public Affairs

  • Co-PI, Contested Resource Inputs to Science: How Institutional Provisions on the Access and Use of Materials and Data Affect Research Collaboration Structures and Outcomes. National Science Foundation.
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Public Administration Research & Theory
  • Board of Directors, Public Management Research Association, 2015-2019

Brian Gerber, associate professor, director, MA in Emergency Management and Homeland Security

  • Fellow, PLuS Alliance
  • Editor in Chief, Natural Hazards Governance, Oxford University Press

Christopher Hayter, assistant professor

  • PI, Science Policy Research Report: Entrepreneurial Career Opportunities for Science and Engineering Postdoctoral Researchers, National Science Foundation
  • PI, Empirical Analysis of Federal Laboratory Technology Transfer

Chris Herbst, associate professor

  • Ph.D. Dissertation Award, Association for Public Policy Analysis and Management (APPAM)
  • Co-Editor, Journal of Policy Analysis and Management (JPAM)
  • Visiting Professor, Aarhus University and Central European University
  • Research Fellow, Institute of Labor Economics (IZA)

Lily Hsueh, assistant professor

  • Co-PI, Sustainable Procurement in State and Local Governments. V. Kann Rasmussen Foundation.
  • Co-PI, Estimation and Welfare Analysis: An Application of the Kuhn Tucker Model to Examine Fishery Participation and Effort Allocation across Regional Fisheries. National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration.
  • Recipient of 2017 Distinguished Teaching Award, School of Public Affairs, Watts College of Public Service & Community Solutions, Arizona State University
  • Hsueh, Lily. 2017. “Quasi-Experimental Evidence on the ‘Rights to Fish’: The Effects of Catch Shares on Fishermen’s Days at Sea,” Journal of the Association of Environmental and Resource Economists 4 (2): 407-445.
  • Hsueh, Lily. 2017. “Transnational Climate Governance and the Global 500: Examining Private Actor Participation by Firm-Level Factors and Dynamics.” International Interactions 43 (1): 48-75.
  • Hsueh, Lily, and Nicole Darnall. 2017. Co-editor for Virtual Issue. “Alternative and Nonregulatory Approach to Environmental Governance,” Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory, 1-7.

Ulrich Jensen, assistant professor

  • Jensen, Ulrich T., Donald P. Moynihan, and Heidi H. Salomonsen. Communicating the Vision: How Face-to-Face Dialogue Facilitates Transformational Leadership. Public Administration Review. doi:10.1111/puar.12922.
  • Invited presentations at the 2018 International Yonsei Public Administration Conference, Seoul, Korea. Jan 17–19, 2018 and at the Opening of the Crown Prince Frederik Center for Public Leadership, Aarhus, Denmark. May 23, 2018.

Ethan Kapstein, Arizona Centennial Professor of International Affairs and Senior Director for Research, McCain Institute

  • Don K. Price Book Award, Science, Technology and Environmental Politics Section, American Political Science Association, 2014
  • U.S. Institute of Peace, Senior Advisor and Director for Economics
  • PI or Co-PI on Research Projects funded by DoD, World Bank, and UK DFID.

Yushim Kim, associate professor

Jonathan Koppell, Lattie and Elva Coor Presidential Chair, dean, Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions

  • National Academy of Public Administration
  • Herbert A. Simon Book Award, Public Administration Section, American Political Science Association, 2014

Zhiyong Lan, professor

  • Editorial Board, Public Administration Review
  • Editorial Board, American Review of Public Administration

Joanna Lucio, assistant professor and associate dean for academic affairs

  • Editorial Board, Urban Affairs Review
  • Lucio, J and McFadden, E. (2017). Leveraging Resilience: Evidence From the Management of Senior Low-Income Housing. The American Review of Public Administration, 47(6), 661-671.
  • Lucio, J. (2016). Public Administrators and Noncitizens. Administration & Society, 48(7), 831-850.
  • Herbst, C. and Lucio, J. (2016). Happy in the Hood? The Impact of Racial Segregation on Happiness Journal of Regional Science; 56(3): 494-521.

Angel Luis Molina, Jr., Assistant Professor

  • Molina, Jr., Angel L. 2018. “Strategic Responsiveness and the Minority Public Manager.” Forthcoming at Public Performance & Management Review.
  • Bozeman, Barry, Molina, Jr., Angel L., and Wesley Kauffman. 2018. “Angling for Sharks, Not Pilot Fish: Deep Corruption, Venal Corruption and Public Values Failure.” Perspectives on Public Management and Governance. 1(1): 5 - 27.
  • Molina, Jr., Angel L., and Kenneth J. Meier. 2018. “Demographic Dreams, Institutional Realities: Election Design and Latino Representation in American Education.” Politics, Groups, and Identities. 6(1): 77 - 94.
  • Favero, Nathan, and Angel L. Molina, Jr. 2018. “Is Active Bureaucratic Representation an Organizational-Level Process? The Indirect Effect of Bureaucrats on Clients They Don’t Directly Serve.” The American Review of Public Administration. 48(1): 3 - 17.

Spiro Maroulis, associate professor

  • Maroulis, S., and U. Wilensky. 2015. Social and Task Interdependencies in the Street-Level Implementation of Innovation. Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory 25 (3).
  • Editorial Board, Education Evaluation and Policy Analysis

Karen Mossberger, professor and director, School of Public Affairs

  • Fellow, National Academy of Public Administration
  • Donald Stone Scholar Award, 2018, SIAM, American Society for Public Administration
  • "E-Government and Trust and Confidence in Government" named one of 75 most influential articles in Public Administration Review since 1940
  • Chair, Research Committee on Electronic Democracy, International Political Science Association

Daniel Schugurensky, professor and co-director, Participatory Governance Initiative

  • Principal Investigator: Civic engagement and proximity democracy in school participatory budgeting
  • Investigator, Understanding the Development of Participatory Governance Efforts Using Hybrid Platforms, NSF
  • By the People: Participatory democracy, civic engagement and citizenship education (co-editor with Won No and Ashley Brennan). Participatory Governance Initiative, 2017.
  • Ideation in online participatory platforms: towards a conceptual framework (with Won No and Laurie Mook). Information Polity 22 (2-3), 101-116.

Akheil Singla, assistant professor

  • Kirschner, C, A. Singla, A. Flick. (2018) “Financing Community Resilience Before Disaster Strikes.” Forthcoming at Oxford Research Encyclopedia of Natural Hazard Sciences.
  • Reilly, T. and A. Singla. (2017). “Union Business Leave (UBL) Practices in Large U.S. Municipalities: An Exploratory Study.” Public Personnel Management, 46(4). 342-367
  • Stone, S.B., A. Singla, J. Comeaux and C. Kirschner. (2015). A Comparison of Financial Indicators: The Case of Detroit. Public Budgeting and Finance 35 (4): 90-111.

Justin Stritch, assistant professor

  • 2018 Best Paper Finalist, Academy of Management Public and Nonprofit Division
  • Editorial Board Member, Journal of Behavioral Public Administration (since 2018)
  • Invited participant, Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences. November 2016. Behavioral Public Administration: Understanding Key Public Administration Challenges by Combining Insights from Psychology and Public Administration.

David Swindell, associate professor and director, Center for Urban Innovation


  • Fellow, Global Sports Institute, Arizona State University, March 2017 to present.
  • Board Member, Alliance for Innovation, July 2013 to present.

Recent Grants

  • Investigator, Urban Resilience to Climate Change-Driven Extreme Events, National Science Foundation (2015-2020).
  • Principle Investigator, Moving from Performance Measurement to Performance Management, International City/County Management Association (2018).
  • Principle Investigator, Western States Budget Transparency Project, Volcker Alliance (2017).

Recent Publications

  • Mossberger, K., D. Swindell, N. Parkhurst, and K. Tai. 2018. “Policy Analysis and Evidence-Based Decision Making at the Local Level.” In John Hird (Ed.). Policy Analysis in the United States. Chicago, IL: The Policy Press.
  • Heberlig, E., S. Leland, and D. Swindell. 2017. World Class Cities: Recruiting and Hosting Political Conventions. Albany, NY: SUNY Press.
  • Brien, S., D. Swindell, and B. Stockwell. 2017. “Benchmarking Property Taxes in a Metropolitan Area.” Public Administration Quarterly. 41(1): 67-88.

  • Swindell, D. and J. Selby. 2017. “Pursuing Innovation in Local Government.” PM Magazine (December).

  • Swindell, D., C. Stenberg, and J. Svara. 2017. Navigating the Waters Between Local Autonomy and State Preemption. Local Government Research Collaborative White Paper.
  • Spotlight Award, NASPAA, for Swindell, David, 2014, The Collaborative Service Delivery Matrix: A Decision Tool to Assist Local Governments. International City/County Management Association Center for Management Strategies Report.

Eric Welch, professor and director, Center for Science, Technology, and Environmental Policy Studies (CSTEPS)


  • Sustainability Scientist, School of Sustainability, ASU
  • Fellow, Institute for the Future of Innovation Studies, ASU

Recent Grants (Principal Investigator)

  • Connecting Nuances of Foreign Status, Professional Networks, and Higher Education, National Science Foundation, DGE #1661206
  • Contested Resource Inputs to Science: How Institutional Provisions on the Access and Use of Materials and Data Affect Research Collaboration Structures and Outcomes. National Science Foundation, SciSIP #1360166
  • Implications of Advanced Sequencing and Synthetic Biology for the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources (ITPGRFA). United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization, PI, 2017.
  • Global Status of GRFA ABS Policies, Commission on Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture, UN FAO, 2017.

Recent Publications

  • Zhang, F, Welch, EW and Miao, Q (2018) Public Organization Adaptation to Regularized Extreme Events: Mediating Role of Risk Perception, Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory.
  • Siciliano, M; Welch, EW and MK Feeney (2018) Network Exploration and Exploitation: Professional Network Churn and Science Production, Social Networks, 52: 167-179.
  • Welch, EW; Fusi, F; Genetic Resource Policies in International Collaborative Research for Food and Agriculture: A Study of USAID-Funded Innovation Lab (2017) Global Food Security, 15:33-42 (with F Fusi, S Louafi and M Siciliano).
  • Kim, KW, Welch, EW and Johnson T (2017) Human & Social Capital Determinants of Translational Activity in Medical Sciences, Science and Public Policy, 44(5) 609-619.