Unique, hands-on opportunity for potential city managers


Christopher Hernandez

As the application deadline for the Arizona State University School of Public Affairs Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Management approaches, current Fellow Craig Dudek reflected on what the Fellowship has meant to him.

“The fellowship provides an unparalleled opportunity for young professionals trying to become city managers,” Dudek said.

Dudek, who is originally from upstate New York, is in his second and final year of the fellowship. After obtaining his bachelor’s degree in economics and international relations from George Washington University and working for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, Dudek chose to enroll in the ASU Marvin Andrews Fellowship because he knew it would be the best fit to help him achieve his goal of ultimately becoming a city manager.

“The program comes well regarded and it really challenges you,” Dudek stated. “You’re exposed to every area of service, and it gives you an understanding of every city department under the lens of a manager.”

In his first year of the Fellowship, like all fellows, Dudek worked as a paid intern for the Alliance for Innovation, in partnership with ASU’s Center for Urban Innovation. First year fellows conduct research and coordinate activities for local governments committed to innovation.

In the second year, Fellows receive a 20-hour per week internship with one of the many cities that help make up the greater Phoenix valley.

Dudek is assisting the town manager for Gilbert, Arizona. In what Dudek has described as an “in-depth” experience, he has been able to not only assist in various city projects, he has also been able to put together analysis and interact with the city’s budget department.

The internship has also provided tremendous networking opportunities including attending conferences for both the Arizona and International City & County Management Associations.

“People who want to take advantage of what the program offers will be successful. it teaches you how to manage a city, and how to manage it well,” Dudek said. “Curiosity and eagerness are key, as there are lots of opportunities to learn.”

Along with the experience and opportunity of working within local governments, the Fellowship also provides each student with a tuition waiver--both in and out of state-- health insurance, financial support to assist with travel to conferences, as well as an annual scholarship.

Applicants have until February 15 to apply for the Fellowship and can find all application requirements at https://spa.asu.edu/marvinandrews and are advised to contact George Pettit (George.a.pettit@asu.edu) for any additional questions or information.