SPA student selected as 2018 Barrett Dean’s Award recipient

School of Public Affairs undergraduate student John Field was selected as the 2018 Barrett Dean’s Award recipient after continuously striving for self-improvement during his time at Arizona State University.

“As an honors student, when I got my first F on a paper, I had a choice: I could flip out and throw in the towel and get frustrated and blame the teacher for his or her idiocracy, but instead I would go to that teacher and I would go, ‘Hey what's going on here? This doesn't seem right,’” he said. “I would take that feedback, I would make notes, and I would improve.”


Field is a father of five currently pursuing a dual degree at ASU—one in public administration and the other in urban planning.

Craig Allen, associate dean of Barrett, The Honors College, said Field contributed in a unique way at ASU, establishing a dialogue aimed at increasing the number of transfer and non-traditional students.

"He was selected for unique and outstanding achievements as a Barrett student,” Allen said. “He pioneered the dual-track master's program in public affairs and did well."

His growth at ASU has included internships and capstone projects. Field said he feels totally prepared for taking on a role of effective public leadership.

“Find something that you love to do,” he said, “because when it comes down to it you're gonna have to push yourself through the hard times and if you don't really love what you're doing, you're gonna find that very difficult to push yourself through.”