Sloan workshop on engineering and public policy

ASU (School of Public Affairs)/Syracuse (Maxwell) Sloan Foundation Workshop on Engineering and Public Policy

ASU (School of Public Affairs)/ Syracuse (Maxwell) Sloan Foundation Project

The field of public policy/public administration is experiencing unprecedented challenges from technological innovation, as we enter the era of “the Internet of Things.” Public policy professionals and government administrators need to be prepared to manage organizations where traditional work and workers are displaced, transportation, energy, and security models are reconsidered, and everyday tasks are performed by virtual assistants. Deans and Directors of Schools of Public Administration/Public Policy should partner with engineering schools to provide the curriculum and scholarship required to prepare graduates for the future of work in the public and nonprofit sectors. This ASU-Syracuse (Maxwell) partnership is dedicated to fostering stronger partnerships between engineering schools and policy schools, in order to achieve this integration. We believe that these partnerships will improve the educational value of the MPA/MPP degree and enhance the effectiveness of public managers. Two key objectives of the project are to highlight existing efforts and encourage new partnerships to integrate engineering principles and thought into Masters of Public Policy (MPP) and Masters of Public Administration (MPA) programs and to design and implement a survey to track such activity, in an effort to identify, disseminate, and encourage “best practices.”


Dr. Donald Siegel
Professor of Public Policy and Management
and Director
School of Public Affairs
Arizona State University

Dr. Laura J. Steinberg
Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering
Special Assistant for Strategy,
Office of the Vice Chancellor for Strategic Initiatives and Innovation
Syracuse University

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