Public Affairs Professor provides transnational perspective in Sonora, Mexico

Professor Daniel Schugurensky, co-director of the Participatory Governance Initiative in the ASU School of Public Affairs, was invited to address the Center for Studies in Government and Public Affairs of the Colegio de Sonora (Mexico) in coordination with the citizen initiative, “Hermosillo, How are we Doing?” in January.

The event, “Dialogue on the construction of local decisions: The experiences of Arizona and Sonora in international context,” brought together representatives of organizations, citizens’ groups, academics and students to exchange ideas on participatory budgeting from transnational and comparative perspectives. Attendees commented on experiences and proposed ideas from their work in areas as diverse as health, the environment, gender and safety. The director of the “Hermosillo, How Are We Doing?” initiative, Ernesto Urbina Miranda, shared strengths and areas of opportunity in dialogue with Schugurensky.

During his visit to El Colegio de Sonora, Schugurensky also participated as a committee member for the thesis of Oscar Mayoral, entitled, "Participación ciudadana y políticas públicas culturales: Aproximación de lo municipal a partir del primer año de trabajo de las administraciones Hermosillo 2015-2018 y 2018-2021."