Marvins past cohorts

Dorian Sanchez Ruiz and Craig Dudek

It’s a small world! As of March 2018, Marvin Andrews Fellowship alumni Dorian Sanchez Ruiz (MPA, 2016) and Craig Dudek (MPA, 2015) are both working in the City of San Antonio, Texas Office of Management and Budget.

Past cohorts

Class of 2016-2017

Alexa Martin

Being selected as a Marvin has not only allowed me to pursue my dreams of making an impactful difference in our local communities, it also allows me to do that right here at ASU.  As a Marvin, I’ll begin my career in local government with two years of uniquely customized hands-on experience.  The Marvin Andrews Fellowship doesn’t just provide unmatched access to local mentors, or the opportunity to work with the Alliance for Innovation as a graduate student, or the chance to travel and make professional connections through the Arizona City and County Management Association, or an individually developed internship at a local city.  Marvins get it all, entering the field of public administration as exceptional graduates with bright futures in our local government here in the Valley.  As an East Valley native and a second generation Sun Devil, I am excited and honored to be selected as a Marvin Andrews Fellow and to be pursuing this opportunity at ASU.

Rebecca McCarthy 

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship at Arizona State University works with the local community to help provide innovative resources to support growth and future success. Between the opportunities to work on real-life problems and the mentorship prospects from local government officials, the Alliance for Innovation, and the Center for Urban Innovation, there is a wide open door of new learning experiences created by the fellowship that will only enhance the skills I will be acquiring in my educational career. The opportunities afforded by this fellowship will allow me to be around government members and innovative thinkers who are making change occur, allowing me to see hands-on a bit of every department and how they play into one successful governing body. I am excited for the next two years of a dynamic learning experience with ASU and the Marvin Andrews Fellowship, preparing me for a future of developing and implementing positive and sustainable changes to communities.

Marshall Pimentel

I was motivated to pursue my graduate education at ASU because of its nationally ranked public administration and urban management programs. The Marvin Andrews Fellowship takes this a step further by giving students an opportunity to manage special projects and conduct research as it relates to local governance. Furthermore, it allows for practical application of the program through the second-year field internship. People often overlook local governments despite the integral services offered to citizens on a daily basis. However, the impact that professional administrators and managers have on their communities cannot be overstated. Because of this program, I will be learning from some of the best professors and practitioners in the field, and I couldn’t be more excited to begin this next chapter in my education and career.

Torin Sadow

I chose to join the Marvin Andrews Fellowship for its exceptional reputation as a training program for top City Managers and for the extensive community of public officials which the program represents. As a Phoenician born and raised, I have seen my city develop and expand exponentially, growing into one of the largest and most diverse metropolitan areas in the nation. My goal of managing cities nationwide to bring knowledge of sustainable urban development back to the Phoenix Metro will be fostered by the Fellowship and realized through connections made in the community. The opportunities to work with the Alliance for Innovation, the Center for Urban Innovation and local governments in the Phoenix metro provide experience in handling real issues that cannot be gained in such a concentrated manner with any other program. I am excited to spend my time as a graduate student as part of the Marvin Andrews community!


Class of 2015-2016


Kristen Ayers

I chose to pursue the MPA program at ASU because of the school’s second-place ranking for City Management and Urban Policy. The Marvin Andrews Fellowship has so much to offer for an aspiring local government professional. The opportunities include an internship with a local city, a partnership with a mentor, and an internship with the Center for Innovation. The great education I will receive from ASU, mixed with the hands-on experiences I will have from the fellowship, will prepare me for a successful career in local government. I am very excited for the next two years with ASU and the Marvin Andrews Fellowship.


Blaise Caudill

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship at Arizona State University innovates to serve the interests of our community at levels unseen before. Through the work at the Center for Urban Innovation, professional mentorship and networking opportunities, and real world application of best practices in governance, the Marvin Andrews Fellowship is an ideal platform for strategic growth. As inspired and instructed by the fourth and ninth tenants of the International City/County Management Association’s Code of Ethics, I aspire to encourage informed dialogue among my community and its government so as to secure the chief function of a local government: service to the best interests of the community. A driven agent of service, I am galvanized by the prospect of achieving a common goal for and, more importantly, with my peers. I choose the Marvin Andrews Fellowship at Arizona State University because it is the future of governance; it is the future of service to our neighborhoods and communities.Blaise Caudill holds bachelor’s degrees in international affairs and French. He chose the Marvin Andrews program as a way to gain experience toward a goal of service in the best interests of the community, and informed dialogue between communities and government.


Dominic DeCono

I chose the Marvin Andrews Fellowship and the MPA program at ASU because of its outstanding reputation, its impact on local government, and what the program is doing for the future of city management. Having the chance to work alongside the Alliance for Innovation and Center for Urban Innovation on real challenges that governments face in the 21st century is the best opportunity any student could have in the field of public administration. Along with the mentorship program of current and previous city managers, the networking opportunities the fellowship provides and the chance to learn from the best in the field, the Marvin Andrews Fellowship truly is an opportunity of a lifetime. As a student passionate about government, this is was the easiest choice of my academic career. 


Dorian Sanchez Ruiz

I chose ASU because of its nationally ranked Urban Management Program and the renowned Marvin Andrews Fellowship.  This combination was attractive to me not only because Phoenix prides itself in being the largest council-manager government in the United States, but because the downtown area offers an array of opportunities for aspiring public servants.  My biggest desire is to make a lasting impact in developing cities by implementing innovative practices in local government to improve the quality of life of hardworking taxpayers. I am positive that the Marvin Andrews Fellowship and ASU’s MPA program will grant me the opportunity to become a life-long learner in an ever changing and dynamic environment. 

Class of 2014-2015

Yesenia Castaneda

I chose the Marvin Andrews Fellowship because it is the only program in the nation designed to further innovation in local government. As such, it provides unparalleled opportunities for networking, real-world experience, and collaboration through an internship at the Center for Urban Innovation and a mentoring partnership with a local governance leader.  In addition, the opportunities presented by the Fellowship are enriched by the rapidly growing cities in the Phoenix Metro area. Being able to participate in urban progression from numerous angles is an incredible experience that would be unattainable in any other location. I am excited to be at ASU and I look forward to making the most of the resources the Marvin Andrews Fellowship has to offer. 

Craig Dudek

The MPA program at ASU is the ideal program to parent my transition from student to professional.  Through a careful balance of thoughtful coursework, meaningful workplace development, and access to professional mentorship, the MPA program and the Marvin Andrews Fellowship ensure an excellent experience for aspiring public servants.  I am very eager to learn inside and outside of the classroom about innovative ways to tackle challenges facing local communities from the experienced SPA team.  Additionally, the emphasis on management in public administration ensures a focus on leadership development such that graduates can affect change through their own ideas and practices.  I am very excited for the next two years with the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University! 

Tyler Goodman

I chose to apply to the Urban Management program and the Marvin Andrews Fellowship at ASU because I knew that it would be my best opportunity to be a successful future leader in local government. I was excited by the fact that I would have the chance to work for the Alliance for Innovation to learn about problems that community leaders face and innovative solutions to those problems. The second year internship is also one of the highlights of the Fellowship because it is a unique opportunity to work closely with those who have experience in the profession. These factors combined with the national recognition of ASU's program and the highly revered staff and professors made choosing to attend ASU as a Marvin Andrews Fellow an easy choice.

Class of 2013-2014

Matthew Behunin

I chose the Marvin Andrews Fellowship program for three reasons: the Urban Management program makes ASU one of the best universities for a career in local government, the opportunity to work for the Alliance for Innovation provides unique insight into what municipalities around the country are doing to improve their communities, and the Phoenix metropolitan area offers a wide variety of ways for someone just starting a career to gain experience. I am excited to be at ASU and grateful for the chance to be a Marvin Andrews Fellow. For as long as I can remember my parents had me involved in local government. I grew up thinking it was normal to attend zoning board meetings in the evening with my dad, or spend afternoons passing out campaign flyers with my mom. Family dinner always seemed to include conversation about how much the new city hall was going to cost, or what the sales tax revenue was going look like the next fiscal year. Growing up in this environment put me on the path towards a career in local government. Now I feel compelled to look for solutions to our communities’ challenges.

Jacob Meshke 

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship offers opportunities that are unrivaled for an aspiring city manager. Having an outstanding mentor to turn to for advice and a plethora of hands-on learning experiences are essential tools when developing as a community leader. The student-centered faculty and staff and diverse and challenging coursework offered by the School of Public Affairs in conjunction with the aforementioned Fellowship opportunities truly enables students to succeed in the classroom and beyond. 

Dominic Papa

“To become the best, learn from the best.” That motto is why I chose Arizona State University and The Marvin Andrews Fellowship Program. The fact that it is the #2 MPA program in the country for Urban Management, your first year you are a management intern at the Alliance for Innovation and The Center for Urban Innovation, and lastly the ability to work directly with some of the top leaders in local government, makes it the premier program for people seeking a career in Public Administration. I am extremely humbled and grateful to be given this opportunity. I look forward to using this experience to grow not only as a professional but as a person as well.

Class of 2012-2013

Justine Bruno

The School of Public Affairs offers a welcoming environment that strives to enable student success in every way possible; the school is open, inclusive, and welcoming! Attaining an MPA will best prepare me for a career in local government, in addition to providing me with the knowledge and tools to successfully lead my community.

Alexis Ramirez 

I chose the Marvin Andrews Fellowship program because it embodies all of the aspects I need to further my career in city management. The opportunity for career and academic advancement it offers students is beyond compare to other graduate programs in this area. The mixture of comprehensive coursework with real-world problem solving provides students with the tools and resources needed to succeed in all facets of life.

Alex Rivera

My life experiences in my hometown of Trenton, NJ were a significant inspiration for me in my decision to apply for this program. All of the people involved with the program recognized and nurtured my motivations, and made me feel welcome in their community. I have no doubt that the welcoming environment and passionate staff will do everything in their power to ensure my academic, professional, and life success.

Class of 2011-2012

Niel Curley

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship offers a great network of experienced local government managers that are willing and able to help MPA students start their career. I have been amazed at how willing all of the managers in the area are to take time to teach us about the profession and offering opportunities to gain experience.

Emma Jurado

Emma Jurado joined the Andrews program after serving in the federal government, including the Department of Justice, Office of Intergovernmental and Public Liaison in August 2009, where she served as Special Assistant to the Director.

Pamela Weir

ASU was my graduate school of choice for 3 reasons: access to opportunities, location, and the ease of coordinating work, school, and personal schedules. At ASU, students have the opportunity to work closely with academics and practitioners to gain hands-on experience in the career fields they would like to pursue. Because the MPA program is located in downtown Phoenix, I am in close proximity to many opportunities for internships, jobs, and volunteering. ASU also provides options for night, online, and intensive classes to accommodate students who work during the day.

Class of 2010-2011

Chase Carlile

I wanted a program that didn’t focus on the theory of administration taught me the practical side as well. ASU’s MPA program does just that. The program is a perfect balance between the theory of administration and the practical side of administration. At ASU, I have the opportunity to study with some of the nation’s leading scholars and practitioners in the field of public administration.

Caitlyn Mitchell

I knew I wanted to pursue a MPA after my undergraduate studies and one of my professors recommended the Marvin Andrews Fellowship. After looking into the program, I could not imagine a more comprehensive fellowship. I was interested particularly in the second year internship with an actual city. The first year experience in the Alliance is a great introduction to the problems and issues facing local municipalities. The Marvin Andrews Fellowship provides me everything I could want in a graduate program.

Israel Murguia

Being in the program has been remarkable and has provided me with invaluable experience. The aspects to the program are unique and cannot be found in any other graduate program. In addition, I came to ASU because of its nationally ranked urban management program and its reputation of supplying communities with high-skilled professionals. ASU’s renowned faculty, highly regarded practitioners in the School of Public Affairs, and along with being in downtown Phoenix provides for an exceptional environment in studying city management.

Trey Williams

I chose an MPA because service is the core of the curriculum and coursework; how to achieve it, what it entails, and its future in the public sector. No other professional degree offered me the opportunity to meld my interests in the future of our world and service to other people at the local level.

Class of 2009-2010

Aaron Adams

After spending time working in a state government setting I decided I wanted to make a change. Once I realized that local government was the direction I wanted to go, I knew I had to apply the Marvin Andrews Program. The program puts you at the heart of professional municipal management with the best academic minds, professors of practice with real-world experience, and in an area known around the world for dedicated professional managers.

Robert Baer

Working with the the Alliance for Innovation has exposed me to some of the most interesting programs and the most innovative cities. With the Alliance, I am not only privileged to work with some of the top academics in public administration, but I also work with active practitioners in public administration.

Somone Denmon

The MPA was the perfect choice for me. I have always wanted to contribute to my community in a meaningful way and was looking for a graduate degree that would teach me the theories and practices of local government. The Fellowship provides incredible exposure to the world of local government as well as the unmatched support of faculty and staff. The School of Public Affairs treats its students like family.

Stacy Hettmansperger

Working for the Alliance has afforded the opportunity for constant learning with the variety of projects I’ve worked on so far, and look forward to researching in the future. I feel like I’m receiving a wealth of knowledge on innovative practices in local government that I hope to incorporate throughout my career.

Class of 2008-2009

Samuel Feldman

I love the challenge and the freedom to be creative and innovative. I love the relaxed, but professional, atmosphere that helps me be most productive and most creative. The program really challenges me to perform at my best – and supports me so that I can achieve at the highest level

Daniel Ortiz-Hernandez

The Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Management is an exceptional program that surpasses all of my expectations. No other university offers what the Marvin Andrews Graduate Program offers in terms of academic rigor, the ability to network with public administration professionals, and combination of work experience and applicable courses. You quickly learn that the knowledge gain in your courses can be directly related actual application in the public sector.

Jeff Riggs

Cynthia Segovia

What I like best about my experience is the fact that I am learning about local government’s best programs and practices. My world view and the notion that I had about the role of local government has been influenced since I became a Fellow.

Class of 2007-2008

Edith Baltierrez

Benjamin Bitter

The program has provided me with an all-access pass to see the behind-the-scenes workings of local government, something that is invaluable in my preparation to become a city manager. I have learned a lot about life in the public sphere, including how to deal with citizen complaints and concerns.

Seth Blumen

Class of 2006-2007

Will Barnow

The Marvin Andrews Program provides resources and opportunities for local government managers you can’t find in any other school or community in the US. ASU is located in downtown Phoenix, which is the largest council-manager city in the world and surrounded by several cities that use the council-manager form of government.

Rachel Busch

Nicole (Dailey) Lance

The Marvin Andrews program has opened doors that would not have been opened for me otherwise. I have a team of incredible mentors who are willing not only to provide personal advice and insight, but who have aided me in increasing and extending my network of municipal government professionals