Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Management

Join the nation’s premier graduate program in urban management leadership—a selective fellowship combining an MPA with a two-year management internship. Applications due Feb. 22.

Some of the country’s most talented students aspiring to lead local government are honing their skills through the Marvin Andrews Fellowship in Urban Managment. Since its inception in 2006, 27 students have graduated from the program, receiving both a master of public administration degree and valuable hands-on experience.

Located at the campus in downtown Phoenix, Arizona—a center for local government innovation—the program offers a special focus on the process of management innovation and a unique blend of theory and practice.

Each Marvin Andrews Fellow receives a tuition waiver (in-state or out-of-state), health insurance and financial support to assist with travel to annual
conferences. Fellows spend 20 hours per week gaining leadership experience. In the first year, they work with the Innovation Group and the ASU Center for Urban Innovation. In the second, they work in a field internship in the Phoenix Metropolitan area. In addition, Andrews Fellows are assigned local government official in the state to serve as a personal mentor during the program and beyond and receive support to attend state and national meetings of the International City/County Management Association and annual meetings of the Arizona City/County Management Association.

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