Employer resources

Job announcements for internships, service-learning and other work-learning opportunities, as well as post-graduation recruiting are made available to School of Public Affairs (SPA) students through a bi-weekly SPA eBulletin and College student e-newsletter, the Watts College of Public Services and Community Solutions, SPA Career Services and University Career and Professional Development Center (UCPDC) websites, career listserv and through the ASU e-recruitment system - Handshake. To post your announcement with SPA contact the Career Center Manager at spa_career@asu.edu. To increase your visibility to additional ASU students and access resumes immediately, you can create a free account in Handshake.

Posting internship opportunities

Organizations interested in recruiting with ASU, the Watts College of Public Service and Community Solutions and the School of Public Affairs can request a Student Placement Agreement indicating your interest in recruiting and placing students with your organization, agency or business.  You have the option of selecting to have the agreement kept on file for up to five years. Since fall 2016 these agreements are generated through the DocuSign system, and also stored in the system.

  1. To determine if your organiation has a Student Placement Agreement on file, contact the SPA Career Services Manager at 602.496.0450.  
  2. If no student placement agreement is on file, the SPA Career Services Manager will generate an agreement for both the organization and the university to complete and return through DocuSign.  Note: We encourage organizations to mark 5 years (the maximum allowable) for the duration.
  3. Once completed by the organization, the DocuSign agreement is sent to the Dean or Provost's Office (depending on the scope of the recruitiment for internship) for approval.  Once approved, the organization will be authorized to provide internships for students of the College or University up to the duration provided on the agreement form.
  4. Next, we will need an internship description/announcement (e.g. duties, number of hours, for what term, rate of pay/for credit/stipend, level of student-undergraduate/graduate, how to apply, and the application deadline).  You can use the internship announcement template as a guide [ Microsoft Office document icon internship_announcement-template.doc ].  Send the announcement to the SPA Career Services Manager, at spa_career@asu.edu, along with any questions and contact information for discussion.
Once we've agreed and established the work-learning opportunity we will work with the your organization to recruit qualified candidates, set and monitor the academic learning (the application of classroom learning and skills, and the field knowledge and experience gained) through the following activities:
  1. We will post the details of an opportunity on the e-recruiting system, Handshake, the College and SPA webpages, and send the announcement directly to students through social media, the monthly student e-newsletter Connect, and email, using  appropriate student listservs.  We will also promote your internship with faculty and students through available classroom resources, recruiter information sessions, print and social media, and in individual career advising sessions.
  2. An organization representative will contact University Career and Professional Development - Employer Relations to confirm the organization has an account in the ASU e-recruitiment system, Handshake.  If not, the representative can open an account, complete an employer profile, and post opportunities.  Please contact the SPA Career Manager if you have additional questions.
  3. We will assist the student and organization, if academic credit is sought, providing an internship course, for which the student registers and completes assigned work related to identifying and successfully completing learning objectives, considering the work in the context academic and career goals. 
Once you have selected an intern(s), who is a student of the School of Public Affairs, you and the student will complete a SPA Internship Confirmation sheet capturing basic information about the agreement between the student and organization, and the ASU Core Learning-Career Competencies worksheet, and return it to the SPA Career Manager.

  • The confirmation sheet and core learning competencies form are used by the SPA Internship Coordinator to generate the Student Placement Agreement for the Dean's/Provost's approval. Once approved, a SPA academic advisor will clear the student to register and particpate in the appropriate Internship course - PAF484, URB484, or PAF584.

Note: A 3-credit undergraduate internship requires a minimum of 125 hours, a 6-credit undergraduate internship requires a minimum of 250 hours during the semester, with scheduling in the fall, spring or summer.  At the graduate level, a 3-credit internship requires a minimum of 300 hours during the semester.  A 3-credit undergraduate internship is required for all students of the School of Public Affairs to complete their bachelor degree, and is usually performed in the second semester of their junior year.  Internships that have been approved and promoted by the School of Public Affairs Career Services Office are usually the first choice of students seeking a work-learning opportunity to complete this requirement.  Students may also approach an organization to arrange an internship based on their career interests and fit with organization goals, and current projects or challenges, that provide opportunities to apply knowledge and skills gained through classroom learning, to community issues or concerns.

At the graduate level, an internship may be completed without application for or receipt of academic credit, in accordance with the students Program Of Study.  The selected candidate should discuss this with their academic and career advisors.  At that point the SPA Career Manager records the basic agreement information for tracking purposes and will follow up with the organization or student during or after the arranged time period, if requested, or to post additional opportunities for the organization.

The employer does not need to determine whether the internship is offered for credit to get started.  We recommend that you complete the agreement and announcement process to get the organization on file as an approved internship site for the future.

Posting graduate professional development and employment opportunities

To post opportunities for graduates a recruiting organization needs only to contact the SPA Career Services Manager with all the pertinent information for candidates to apply.  A job bulletin can also be provided to the Office of Career Services, especially when there are multiple opportunities with an organization or various departments within.

SPA Career Services promotes positions online through University, College and School websites and social media, direct email to student, faculty and alumni listservs, and course resources.  The SPA Career Services Manager sends periodic announcements via several established SPA listservs to remind students and graduates engaged in an internship or job search to use these resources, reminds faculty for their promotion in class and correspondence with students, and also advising staff for use in their consultations with students on skill building and direct application of classroom learning.  Opportunities that are multidisciplinary, the SPA CS Manager promotes to academic or career units of other University departments, colleges and schools.

Many organizations have a website or electronic recruiting system for accepting applications.  Information for candidates to access this type of system should be provided in any announcement sent to the SPA Career Services Office. 

To reach a broader base of candidates an organization can also post graduate job opportunities with University Career and Professional Development Center via Handshake, an e-recruiting system.  The SPA Career Manager recommends this whenever a recruiting organization seeks candidates from multiple areas of study or has multiple opportunities.

Contact the SPA Career Services Manager at 602.496.0450 or spa_career@asu.edu

Engage with SPA career services

Prospective or currently recruiting employers have a variety of opportunities to engage with the School of Public Affairs Office of Career Services. Participation in campus career recruiting or informational events, arranging classroom visits, and providing 'expert employees' for panels and discussion on relevant job search and self-marketing topics are all ways that employers can engage with students, faculty and alumni of SPA. Do you have an idea to showcase or raise awareness of opportunities at your organization?

  • Host a Recruiting Information Session on campus
  • Provide a guest lecturer for a relevant class or special topic
  • Participate in an 'expert' career topic panel; offer 'best practices' for job candidates
  • Attend Downtown campus events - service, social, informational or career related
  • Recruit students and graduates through a highlighted employer profile, employment posts and participation in recruitment activities
  • Discuss posting internship, work-learning or other employment opportunities with University and SPA Career Services 
  • Join us for a SPA student-alumni networking or mentoring event
  • Host an informational career event for current students at your facility
  • Sponsor a job-shadowing or mentoring program with your organization
  • Propose a group project for SPA student learning that will benefit your agency and the communities you serve
  • Co-host a career-social event for SPA alumni-employees at your organization 
  • Partner with SPA Career Services for an annual celebration of interns, volunteers and their supervisors,  recognizing their contributions at your organization 
If you would like to engage in one of these activities, or have an idea of your own, please send a request to spa_career@asu.edu.