Advice for Future Fellows

Advice for Future Fellow's

1. How did you come to run the program?

“After retiring from Gilbert I was approached by Mike Hutchinson and Lloyd Harrel who made me an offer for professor of practice for a brief time before taking this position where I served for eight years.”

2. What did you find most effective and beneficial regarding the program?

“The level and quality of applications coming into the program. This in conjunction with the alumni to fellow relationship demonstrated a commitment to excellence in the profession and beyond. It was definitely worthwhile.”

3. What is your favorite memory from your time with the fellowship?

“Graduation. Watching the yearly graduation ceremony and having the privilege of seeing the fellows grow.”

4. What is the most important thing you learned during your tenure in the program?

“Having been a part of ACMA I knew of the commitment of our professionals but I was blown away by the level of commitment from every level of our Arizonan managers. I loved seeing the support from local governments. The subtlety that they employed, being there to help our fellows better understand government and for the managers to better understand them, is inspiring.”

5. What would you say to any aspiring Marvin Andrew Fellow's?

“We can teach you skills but we can’t teach you about caring for your community. Always care about it.”

6. How should a potential Marvin Andrew Fellow get started?

There are so many people behind the scenes, please reach out! We want you to succeed! Please visit with an Alumnus or Faculty who has stepped up!”

For those wanting to reach out to a current Marvin Fellow please feel free to contact us at and follow us on our Instagram and Twitter! We hope to hear from you soon!

About George Pettit

George Pettit received a bachelor's in political science and master's in public administration from the University of Colorado, Boulder and attended the Kennedy School Program for Senior Executives in State and Local Government in July, 2004. His public service career included two years in administration at the University of Colorado; seven years with the City of Des Moines, Iowa; two years in the private software industry; and 25 years with Gilbert, Arizona, retiring in September, 2010. He is currently a professor of practice in the School of Public Affairs at Arizona State University and a member of the International City County Management Association (ICMA), Arizona City County Management Association (ACMA) Life Member and Rotary International.