ACMA Women Leading Government event welcomes 5 MPA candidates


Maryjo Douglas Zunk

The ASU School of Public Affairs sponsored five MPA candidates to attend the 2nd annual International City/County Management Association’s Arizona Chapter - Women Leading Government Event in June.

MPA students Angela Ruffalo, Brooke Nisenbaum, Kalah Polsean, Tessa Edwards and Leigh Jensen participated in a day of keynote speakers, breakout sessions and networking activities with 350 women (and men) engaged in local government and community development across Arizona.

“The Women Leading Government Conference provided an opportunity to connect and learn from women working in all aspects of government, from across Arizona," Polsean said. "The conference broadened my perspectives on the types of work available in the public sector.”

The ACMA-sponsored event was hosted by the City of Scottsdale at the Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. Technicians from the city Channel 11 videotaped the presentations for play on city access channels.

“I found the second keynote address on the guilt that working women experience, juggling life, work and leadership, eye-opening and inspiring," Edwards said. "I thought the ‘performance’ to kick-off the presentation was very powerful, and then I found the practical tips for handling and minimizing guilt very useful.” 

Some highlights of the event
Pam Weir (MPA ’12), was Master of Ceremonies
Pam delighted the audience with her creative limerick inspired speaker introductions and kept the large group of attendees (nearly double the number as last year’s event) moving through the day’s activities.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr. Maria Church – Kick-Off Keynote: Defining Your Power
  • Nicole Lance (MPA ’07) and Eric Bailey - Interactive Keynote: Unleashing Your Power 
  • Eric Bailey – Closing Keynote: Powering Ahead

Breakout Speakers:

  • Rena Huber: Creating a Vision Board that Works
  • Nicole Lance: How to Encourage, Not Cannibalize Your Fellow Women Leaders
  • Diane McCarthy: Effecting Positive Change- Using Your Power for Good, Not Evil
  • Carole Poore (ASU SPA Faculty Associate): Knowing Your Own Value and Navigating Your Way Through Your Career